Cinema Italian Style ’17 Opening Night Gala

Cinema Italian Style Kick-Off Event and Inaugural Cinecitta Key Award Ceremony

I’ve added photos of Sarah attending the Cinema Italian Style Kick-Off Event and Inaugural Cinecitta Key Award Ceremony during the AFI Fest (November 15).

HFPA and InStyle Celebrate the Golden Globe Awards

Sarah attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Globe Awards (November 15).

Sarah on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (Video)

Sarah appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live (November 14), check out a video of her interview below.

Sarah talks about going to pioneer boot camp to prepare for her new Netflix show ‘Alias Grace,’ churning butter, being hypnotized by her parents and going to a psychic.

Sarah Talks “Alias Grace”

Sarah Talks “Alias Grace”

Sarah Gadon Calls ‘Alias Grace’ the ‘Most Complicated, Intelligent’ Job She’s Ever Had`

VARIETY – Toronto-born actress Sarah Gadon has been working in the entertainment industry since she was in elementary school, but she considers her role in Netflix’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace” the first chance she’s had to truly express her range as a performer. “When I read this, I said ‘This is the most complicated, intelligent, difficult job I have ever been presented with, so I should chase it!’ Gadon says. “I’m really grateful for that opportunity because I know they’re few and far between.”
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Sarah Embraces the Ambiguity of “Alias Grace”

Sarah Embraces the Ambiguity of “Alias Grace”

Sarah Gadon embraces the ambiguity of Margaret Atwood’s ‘Alias Grace’

LOS ANGELES TIMES – Sarah Gadon is not your typical young Hollywood star.

For starters, she lives in Toronto.

She also made a name for herself not by starring in blockbuster sequels but in the idiosyncratic films of David Cronenberg (“A History of Violence,” “Eastern Promises”). And she’s the type who, over a lengthy FaceTime interview, expounds not on her latest juice cleanse but on subjects like the importance of textiles to a culture and “emblems of female vanity” throughout art history.
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Alias Grace: 1×06 – “Part 6” (Finale) Screen Captures

Sarah for The Last Magazine

Sarah for The Last Magazine

THE LAST MAGAZINE – Actors like Sarah Gadon have the ability to travel through time, skating back and forth through the years with a level of effortless authenticity that is nothing short of transcendent. Over the course of her two decades in front of the camera for the big screen and small, the Toronto-based actor has clocked some serious mileage. But despite her predilection for traversing time zones, genres, social classes, and dress codes, the thirty-year-old Gadon is a product of the now—a realist, she will tell you, and a longstanding fan of film who regards the medium as a portal through which to reevaluate the past from a twenty-first-century point of view. “I really like how cinema gives us this new perspective to take a look back on history and reclaim it from a different lens,” she says.

Her latest venture, the upcoming Netflix miniseries Alias Grace, is based on Margaret Atwood’s historical novel of the same name and was adapted by Canadian multi-hyphenate Sarah Polley. It sees Gadon journeying into unfamiliar territory to portray the show’s protagonist, the real-life Grace Marks, an Irish domestic servant who was convicted, perhaps wrongly, of the double murder of her employers in Canada in 1843.
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Alias Grace: 1×05 – “Part 5” Screen Captures

The many sides of Grace Marks

The many sides of Grace Marks in Alias Grace

Listen here
Sarah Gadon is a Canadian actor you might know from films like Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy or David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Mind, or maybe you remember her from the CBC-TV series Being Erica. Gadon’s latest role has her starring as the notorious Grace Marks in Alias Grace.

The character, who serves as the protagonist of Margaret Atwood’s famous book that the TV series is based on, tells the story of a real woman. Marks was an Irish immigrant to Canada who was convicted of murder in the 19th century for potentially being involved in the brutal killing of her employer and a fellow servant. In Atwood’s book, as well as the series, Marks is a complicated character with many different sides and narratives, which proved to be a rewarding but challenging task for Gadon.

Today, Gadon joins host Tom Power to talk about Alias Grace, working with Atwood and writer Sarah Polley, and finding complex, three-dimensional roles for women in film and TV.

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